Amazing Clients

Maureen taught me how to find my inner strength and show myself compassion.                          Rebecca E., Buffalo, NY

I finally committed to what I knew I needed to do to make an action plan.                                                                                                                             JoAnn J., Buffalo, NY

I wanted to celebrate that I did something I’ve long thought about but have never been able to do before – I got up early to exercise before my all-day work training yesterday and today! Prioritizing my physical self-care even when my days are packed.                             Mindy S., Niagara Falls, NY

My clients are amazing individuals; they’re into serious self-care and holistic healing, but they need something to bring their career, family life, fitness, health, and self-worth together so that they can feel whole and take themselves to the next level. I’ve developed my signature Goal Amazement System to help people who want balance, have complicated lives and big dreams, and are committed to getting the most out of life:

I’ve spent years training as an Energy Healer and a runner while being a mother, wife, and full-time teacher. I have been able to use my experiences to create coaching programs tailored to each individual’s personal core values, goals, life circumstances, and energy system. My Amazon best-selling book, Run Your Amazing Life, shows runners and non-runners alike how to access inner strength and self-love to recognize and release limiting beliefs and stuck emotions so that we can confidently set and achieve goals.