Maureen Hann is a best-selling author, Goal Achievement Coach, and Healer who works with busy, mindful individuals committed to self-care to take their physical, emotional, and spiritual happiness to the next level. She has developed a signature coaching system using energy healing and nutrition to transform hectic, complicated lives into healthy, whole and peaceful ones by aligning goals with core values to break through limiting beliefs and foster inner harmony. Maureen has merged almost twenty years’ experience as an educator and runner with proven techniques for setting and achieving physical, mental, and emotional goals to create a signature system to get positive, committed individuals where they want to be. Her purpose is to help others feel better on the deepest possible level.

While successfully navigating a teaching career, family, and personal challenges, she began her own Energy Healing practice in 2013. Her love of self-healing, education, and distance running sparked the birth of her best-selling book, Run Your Amazing Life, a read for all who desire change and achievement through self healing and self love.

Maureen lives in Buffalo, NY with her husband and two children. When she is not guiding clients to attain their highest goals or baking healthy recipes for her family and friends, she can be found on the roads of her city – running – rain, snow, or shine.