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For ANYONE Who Wants to BE IN CONTROL of Their Own Life:
Be the person you dream you can be – now. You are your own greatest supporter in achieving your goals and feeling fantastic about your life.
You will discover how to:
– Unlock the secrets to loving the process
– Become emotionally and physically stronger
– Deal with any problem by finding the hidden cause
– Identify ideal goals
– Increase confidence
– Capitalize on the healing benefits of goal setting
– Foster positive change for you and your family in tandem with your goals
– Love yourself, your life, and your goals without guilt
Packed with interactive exercises and reflections, Run Your Amazing Life gets the reader results in every chapter, and these benefits compound into goal-getting gold throughout the book.
Run Your Amazing Life enables mindful readers to lead themselves to excellence in all areas of life while feeling awesome about their goals.



Tara Marie Live! Podcast featuring Run Your Amazing Life‘s keys to unlocking limiting beliefs!  Listen here.

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