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Setting Goals for Optimal Health, Emotional Strength, and Spiritual Vitality, the next Amazing Life Course, is currently being offered!

Create a soul-centered action plan to begin realizing your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual goals. Get unstuck and find the right place for your dreams in your life while fostering inner harmony.

“Maureen has a gift of listening and hearing the truth behind the words.  Thank you!” – Mindy S.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.  I knew it was what I needed to jumpstart my best life.” – Jennifer W.

“Great workshop! I gained clarity on my big vision and my heart’s desires as well as next steps.  Thank you!” – Lisa W.

-Break down and tweak your current life goal(s) based on what you value most
-Discover the goal(s) that energize you so you can create Your Amazing Life
-Navigate life’s challenges and obstacles with confidence through engaging the mind-body-spirit connection and focusing your mind and heart on your goals every day, so your body can follow


January 20, 12:30pm –  Her Sanctuary 1438 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY

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