Your Amazing Life

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I guide busy, heart-centered professionals to reach their career, financial, and personal goals.

You do the tough inner work. You’ve invested in therapists, courses, and fitness programs. You have a big dream for a beautiful life and want to make sure it happens. Now. Life is hectic and complicated, and you deserve to feel balanced, whole, and successful.

Signature one-on-one Life Amazement Programs connect core values with goals to create your unique action plan. Workshops help break through boundaries and discover potential. Work with me to use what holds you back to propel you forward – in your inner and outer life.

You will experience growth, healing, peace, and success through our newsletters, book, courses, and coaching.

From the heart of one-on-one client, Melinda Scime, PhD:
Maureen Hann is a gentle badass. She is a compassionate healer who expertly holds space and a loving guide who holds you accountable. Working with Maureen for the past year has helped me physically and emotionally. Maureen’s powerful energy healing has brought me relief from chronic joint pain and supported me while I healed my adrenals. With her help, I have been able to accomplish long-held goals that have evaded me for years, like establishing a daily meditation practice and waking up early to exercise. I have released old beliefs that no longer serve me and I feel more connected to my intentions. I highly recommend working with Maureen – she is amazing!

Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session with Maureen to explore and support your needs and goals – sign up below, and say, ‘I want my free session!”